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"CARHDS is striving for capable, confident and competent  people"

Australian Company Number: 098 256 387
RTO National Provider Number: 70018

Our History
In its beginning, the Central Australian Remote Health Development Services Ltd (CARHDS) started life as a support organisation for the development of Aboriginal community controlled health services. From a demountable at the Institute for Aboriginal Development (IAD), its predecessor, the Central Australian Remote Training Unit (CARTHU) was established.   In 2001 CARHDS was independently incorporated under ASIC and became its own entity with its membership comprised from Central Australian Health Services.  


CARHDS has been responsible for much of the primary health care training, governance and cross-cultural training required by the ACCHOs as they established themselves as health services in Central Australia.  Over time, CARHDS role shifted towards ATSIHP upskilling in ACCHOS and the NT Department of Health.

Between 2012 and 2016 government funding to CARHDS was limited and after a long period of funding the Commonwealth Department of Health ceased funding to the organisation.  The Board took the opportunity to widen the training footprint to include remote communities in the Top End and to review the training scope to include accredited Language, Literacy and Numeracy training. The Board was also keen to explore how it could attract fee-for-service funding and build a more sustainable and viable organisation.

Today, CARHD’s has been able to value add to the training products from the past and develop new projects for the future. It specialises in working with Aboriginal workers in their communities using a strengths based model and is mindful to include community members in decisions regarding training.  

Key innovations:
-    Digitised LLN assessment processes resulting in LLN4U tool.
-    Purchased 10139NAT Course in Indigenous Mentoring
-    Introduced Foundation skills to remote learners
-    Developed stronger & sustainable partnerships
-    Improved the quality of training materials
-    Upgraded current premises to habitable operating offices


-    Micro- units – relevant short courses for learners
-    Digital literacy and technology to remote communities
-    Blended online and F2F learning methods
-    Expansion of scope to Age Care and Disabilities

CARHDS is dually incorporated, firstly under ASIC then in 2012 it was compulsorily transferred to the ACNC as a result of its size and charitable status.  CAHRDS is a registered Charity and herein lies the opportunity with the reduction in funds to better access the charity status and develop more associated charity activities.

Currently, CARHDS is under the direction of a small Board of Directors comprised of its mother-ship Ngurratjuta and Pintupi Homelands Health.  The current Board is comprised of Mr Leon Chapman (Chair), Mr Greg Drew and Ms Raelene Beale.  Pending board member is Mr Terrance Abbott from Papunya and we have 1 vacancy.  The Board meets quarterly to discuss the strategic direction of the organisation and the AGM is held in November of each year. 

Current focus:

•    Upgrading LLN4U assessment tool
•    Developing culturally appropriate governance training
•    Shifting to online training products
•    Building partnership alliances
•    Promoting non-accredited training

CARHDS is registered with the ACNC and all formal documents can be accessed at www.acnc.gov.au 

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This gallery contains photos of elders and aboriginal people who are deceased. 


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